My 3 Best Stocks to Buy in January

It’s a new year, and maybe a new approach to your portfolio is in order. I have a few stocks that I think are the best ones to buy in January. Let’s see if you agree…

Teladoc (NYSE:TDOC)Bandwidth (NASDAQ:BAND), and Axon Enterprise (NASDAQ:AAXN) have compelling catalysts to push their shares higher this month. Let’s break down the bullish argument to own all three of these stocks.


You’re seeing Teladoc close out 2020 on the lists of top performers, but here’s a starting line stat you probably aren’t seeing: Teladoc is down 20% since announcing its deal to acquire Livongo five months ago.

The leading player in telehealth has only gotten more dominant since announcing its head-turning acquisition. Livongo’s next-gen way of tackling chronic conditions is gaining traction and generating positive outcomes for members with diabetes. Livongo is just scratching the surface, and the synergies of the now combined companies are off the medical charts.


The pandemic has helped accelerate the business models for cloud-based service providers, but Bandwidth is still not on most investing radars. It should be. Bandwidth helps businesses embed voice, messaging, and 911 access into software and applications.

Business was strong before the COVID-19 crisis, but 2020 was a year of accelerating top-line growth. Every passing quarter finds Bandwidth posting larger year-over-year revenue bursts.

  • Q4 2019: 19%
  • Q1 2020: 29%
  • Q2 2020: 35%
  • Q3 2020: 40%

Demand is booming, and it’s not just the accelerating revenue gains spoiling that secret. Bandwidth’s dollar-based net retention rate — a popular metric for measuring SaaS stocks — has risen from 116% to…

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