3 Top Stocks That’ll Make You Richer in November (and Beyond)

Although investing offers no guarantees, Wall Street has consistently shown that time is investors’ greatest ally. If you buy stakes in high-quality stocks and allow your investment thesis to play out over a long period of time…

your chance of building serious wealth is very high.

Even with the broad-based S&P 500 on the doorstep of 60 record closing highs in 2021, bargains can still be found by long-term investors.

As we steam forward into November and march ever closer to the end of the year, the following three companies stand out for all the right reasons. Buying this trio of top stocks now can make you richer in November, and most importantly well beyond.


The first top stock investors can confidently pile into in November is payment-processing kingpin Visa (NYSE:V).

While it doesn’t happen often, Visa’s quarterly operating results failed to impress Wall Street. In particular, Visa’s revenue guidance for the upcoming fiscal year is expected to be the “high end of the mid-teens,” which fell short of the roughly 20% sales growth analysts had been looking for. With this guidance “shortfall” pushing shares of the company to a seven-month low, it’s the perfect time for opportunistic investors to strike.

Buying Visa gives long-term investors the opportunity to take advantage of growing domestic and global economies. Even though recessions are an inevitable part of the economic cycle, they don’t last very long. Whereas economic downturns typically last a couple of quarters, periods of expansion are measured in years. In fact, the previous economic expansion in the U.S. lasted for more than a decade. Since consumers and businesses tend to spend more when the economy is expanding, purchasing shares of Visa allows investors to take advantage of this numbers game.

Investors will also enjoy Visa’s dominance. As of 2018, Visa controlled a 53% share of credit card network purchasing volume in the U.S., which was more than 30 percentage points higher than its next-closest competitor. Following the Great Recession, no payment processor picked up more share in the world’s No. 1 economy than Visa.

Another key to success is its avoidance of lending. On one hand, it could be reasonably argued that Visa is leaving fee and interest income potential on the table by not lending. On the other hand, when inevitable recessions do arise, Visa doesn’t have to set aside cash to cover rising credit delinquencies. This is why Visa’s profit margin has so consistently stayed at or above 50%.

In November and well beyond, Visa has all the tools necessary to make investors richer.

Altria Group

For income investors, there might not be a more attractive opportunity than tobacco stock Altria Group (NYSE:MO).

Similar to Visa, Altria was smoked following its quarterly earnings report. But unlike Visa, it had nothing to do with the company’s guidance. Rather, Wall Street wasn’t impressed with the company’s quarterly income, which fell modestly shy of expectations. However, this short-term pain could equate to long-term gains for investors looking out to the horizon.

Altria, which is the company behind the premium Marlboro cigarette brand in the U.S., has exceptional pricing power in its corner. Since the nicotine in tobacco is an addictive chemical, it’s created an army of inelastic buyers. In other words, Altria has been able to counter lower…


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