3 Hot Stocks That Could Double Your Stimulus Check

Your $1,400 stimulus check is on its way or might have already arrived. If you need to pay bills or buy essentials, this money will come in handy. But if you’ve taken care of the necessities, you might be thinking of spending this windfall. The options are many: travel, buying something new for your house or for yourself…

But there’s another choice that could mean more money down the road: investment in some great stocks. Here, I’ll talk about three of my favorites that could double your money over time.

1. Moderna

You might be wary of Moderna‘s (NASDAQ:MRNA) prospects after the stock gained more than 400% last year. And now it’s down 30% from a high reached in February. But this looks like a buying opportunity to me. Last year’s gains came as investors bet on Moderna’s chances of developing a coronavirus vaccine.

Today, Moderna has proved its vaccine technology works. About 76 million doses of that vaccine have made their way into arms of Americans. The company predicts at least $18.4 billion in revenue this year from orders so far. And Moderna has started clinical trials on boosters to better handle new strains of concern. If all goes well, that could mean billions in vaccine or booster revenue well into the future.

But Moderna isn’t relying on its coronavirus vaccine alone. The company is launching phase 3 trials of its cytomegalovirus (CMV) vaccine candidate this year. CMV is a common virus that can be problematic for people who are pregnant or have weakened immune systems. And the biotech recently began pre-clinical development of HIV and flu vaccine candidates.

2. Teladoc Health

Teladoc Health (NYSE:TDOC) has declined about 9% since the start of the year. Another buying opportunity, in my opinion. Why? Investors are frowning because the telemedicine company’s annual growth may slow this year compared with last year. Full-year 2020 revenue climbed 98% year over year. This year, the company predicts…

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