2 Top Growth Stocks to Buy Right Now

Growth stocks are shares in companies that increase revenue and earnings faster than average. And they are an excellent way to earn market-beating returns in the stock market. Let’s explore some reasons why…

Amazon.com (NASDAQ:AMZN) and CuriosityStream (NASDAQ:CURI) have what it takes to supercharge your investment portfolio. 

1. Amazon

With a market cap of $1.74 trillion, Amazon is already one of the most successful growth stocks of all time, and its bull run is still in full swing. The e-commerce giant trades at a reasonable valuation. It can deliver continued long-term expansion because of strength in its Amazon Prime subscription service and pivots to new markets like healthcare.

Amazon is working hard to keep its Amazon Prime subscription service ahead of the competition through unique features. The platform currently boasts 200 million subscribers, with an impressive 175 million streaming TV shows and movies in the past year. Streaming is not Prime’s primary market (the platform is more geared toward product discounts and faster shipping), but video can boost Amazon’s competitive moat against rivals like Walmart+, which offers a similar e-commerce service.  

According to Insider, Amazon is also considering launching brick-and-mortar pharmacies in the U.S. Management hasn’t commented on the rumor, but it would be a natural progression from the online delivery pharmacies Amazon launched in November. The U.S. pharmacy and drugstore market is worth $319 billion of annual sales, making it a massive opportunity for Amazon to disrupt. 

First-quarter revenue grew 44%, while operating income surged 122% to $8.9 billion. Amazon’s spectacular bottom-line expansion (powered by the high-margin AWS segment ) helps justify its price-to-earnings multiple of 48 times forward estimates. 

2. CuriosityStream

Founded in 2015 and going public in February 2021, CuriosityStream is one of the latest start-ups attempting to crack the $50.11 billion video streaming industry. The company’s unique market niche, rapid top-line growth rate, and tiny market cap make it an excellent way for investors to bet on this transformational opportunity. 

Unlike rivals such as Disney+ and Netflix, which earn much of their revenue from fictional films and shows, CuriosityStream focuses on non-fictional documentary content. This narrow focus gives the company much-needed differentiation and… 

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