2 “Buy Rated” Green Energy Stocks on the Robinhood 100

While the Millennial generation has been vocal about concerns regarding climate change for some time now, Boomers are just now taking notice it appears, though in fairness Boomers did  formulate the Paris climate change accord, as well as passing federal regulations to curb pollution…

The sustainable energy industry is witnessing higher trading volume on the discount brokerage platform Robinhood 100, on account of anticipated higher growth potential.

Chinese EV stock NIO Limited (NIO – Get Rating) and Hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer Plug Power Inc. (PLUG – Get Rating) have reported triple digit gains year-to-date, placing hem among the me of the most highly-demanded stocks currently.

NIO Limited (NIO – Get Rating)

Chinese EV manufacturer NIO has gained popularity this year, owing to its unique business model. The company’s flagship vehicles, ‘battery as a service’ subscription plans, and lower cost of production has cast it as the ‘Tesla of China’. The EV manufacturer’s impressive business model and budding expansion plans have made its stock a favorite, with an average trading volume of 161.95 million.

NIO raised $1.30 billion through American depository share offering earlier this year, which is expected to contribute to the research and development of electric car ecosystems and automated technologies, as well as developing the company’s global market presence. It is the first company to launch a ‘battery as a service’ (BaaS) subscription model, allowing customers to purchase electric vehicles and battery packs separately.

On November 6th, NIO launched a 10-kWh battery. With 37% higher energy density, the new battery is expected to boost NIO vehicles to up to 615 km between charges, while improving space utilization by 19.8%. The company hopes this should boost the demand for the batteries and for newer NIO models.

NIO’s total revenues increased 146.4% year-over-year to RMB 4.53 billion in the third quarter ended September 2020. Vehicle sales grew 146.1% versus the same period last year to RMB 4.27 billion. Gross profit rose significantly over this period to RMB 585.80 billion, compared to a negative year-ago value. NIO delivered 5,291 vehicles in November, up 109.3% from the same period last year. And the company delivered…

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